Wags & Brags

Seven newcomers in WHAT

Lexi gave birth to 7 aspiring agility dogs over the Thanksgiving weekend. Look out for these border collies on the trial courses in a couple of years - they are already practicing by listening to agility trial videos!

Linda's Puppies    Linda's Puppies

8 to 10 days old on 12/1/09

Brags for Mirha

Mirha finished the Scallywaggs' Howl-o-ween trial (Victoria) in style with a great tunnelers run, over 7 yps. All in all in the trial, of her 7 Qs, 5 were first places and 2 were second places. She had the highest average yards per second of the elite dogs and earned her Lifetime Points Award. Two of her runs were certain platinum runs (fastest 5% elite Nadac in North America).

There is a youtube video of the run at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXyRiLXJZm0

Yippie for Ronan & Striker!

  • Ronan got his Novice Versatility Title this summer. In Lynden he got his second leg of his Elite Tunnelers, (and a 1st place), the second leg of his Open Regular, (and a 1st place), his first leg in Open Weavers (and a 1st place) and his first leg in Open Touch N Go (and a 2nd place).
  • Striker got 4th place in his first ever real live agility run in Touch 'N Go....

Chuckanut Chaotic Canines Trial - October 2009

  • Out of 6 runs Tia got 5 Q's 2 firsts and 2 seconds.  She also got her touch and go Novice title.  This was her first open tunnelers and her first time at chances.
  • Tessie, this being her second trial, out of 4 runs got 4 Q's one first, 2 seconds and a third.  She was in tunnelers and jumpers.
  • Jigi completed his second novice title (Tunnelers) and got four other Qs at the Chaotic Canines Trials in Lynden.
  • Zuzu earn one Q and shaved significant amounts of time off of his earlier performances.
  • Bogie Pratt completed his first novice title (Tunnelers) and made four additional clean runs. Way to go, Bogie!
  • Lucy Drabek Q'd in Jumpers and Tunnelers!

Congrats to Jiji & Zuzu!

Jigi just completed a title (Regular), plus which he Q'd in Tunnelers. And, OMG!, Zuzu got a Q in Touch and Go at the Nadac trial at Argus Range. Let me repeat: ZUZU GOT A Q!!!!

Yeah!!! Bogie earned three NADAC Qs this weekend.

Bogie competed in his second agility trial, a NADAC trial held on Sept. 18, 2009. The Qs were in Tunneler and Regular; in addition, he received several place ribbons, including a first in Regular. We are a proud team!

MudPACK Trial at Port Gamble - July 11 & 12, 2009

Jigi got two clean, qualifying runs out of six.  He won four first place ribbons and two second place ribbons. Zuzu won two first places and two second place ribbons.

RAT Trial at Argus Ranch - June 20 & 21 2009

Tia earned titles in Novice Weavers & Regular. Nice job, Tia & Anaria!

Ronan qualified for his first leg in Excellent Tunnelers, as well as Open Regular. Way to go, Ronan & Janine!