Join us for our NADAC trial, July 26-28 2019 in Bellingham, WA

This year's summer trial will be outside on grass at 936 w. Axton Rd in Bellingham, WA
Our judge is Kari Hammargren from Graham, WA

As in the past, we will feed our volunteers. And just as in the past, we assume that all will chip in to work. As always, we are a trusting group, so we just assume everyone works and therefore will feed all handlers without charge!

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Friday: 2 rounds Barrelers, 2 rounds of Weavers>
Saturday: 2 rounds each of Jumpers, Hoopers, Touch-N-Go, Regular
Sunday: 2 rounds each of Regular, Chances, and Tunnelers

The trial is now open for registration.

Registrations close July 19th, or when the limit has been met

Our mission is to promote the sport of dog agility
and responsible dog ownership.

We are a group of dog owners in the Bellingham area of Whatcom County, Washington. We meet twice a month on Saturday mornings. The first Saturday of the month includes a club meeting and playtime (that means running a course or practicing drills). The third Saturday of the month is playtime only.

This all sounds quite serious, but the point is to build a great relationship with your dog by doing something that you both enjoy. Plus, you get to meet a lot of great people in the process!

To join our club, you and your dog must have successfully completed at least one agility training class. Your dog should be able to negotiate all the obstacles safely and you should have a general understanding of the rules of agility.

If you are new to agility, check out our Links page for local classes.

If you are interested in joining us, please visit the How to Join page.