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Seven newcomers in WHAT

Lexi gave birth to 7 aspiring agility dogs over the Thanksgiving weekend. Look out for these border collies on the trial courses in a couple of years - they are already practicing by listening to agility trial videos!

Linda's Puppies    Linda's Puppies

8 to 10 days old on 12/1/09

Brags for Mirha

Mirha finished the Scallywaggs' Howl-o-ween trial (Victoria) in style with a great tunnelers run, over 7 yps. All in all in the trial, of her 7 Qs, 5 were first places and 2 were second places. She had the highest average yards per second of the elite dogs and earned her Lifetime Points Award. Two of her runs were certain platinum runs (fastest 5% elite Nadac in North America).

There is a youtube video of the run at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXyRiLXJZm0

Yippie for Ronan & Striker!

  • Ronan got his Novice Versatility Title this summer. In Lynden he got his second leg of his Elite Tunnelers, (and a 1st place), the second leg of his Open Regular, (and a 1st place), his first leg in Open Weavers (and a 1st place) and his first leg in Open Touch N Go (and a 2nd place).
  • Striker got 4th place in his first ever real live agility run in Touch 'N Go....